Game Update Notes: December 1, 2020

12/01/2020—December 1 Release Notes

Living World

  • Fixed an issue that caused objective markers to appear outside of the target map when players were in a different map during some sections of the Champions—Chapter 1: Truce story.


  • Added a checkbox to the General Options tab of the Options panel to disable the Compact button in the Inventory panel.
  • Added additional map currencies to the bottom of the Inventory panel on many maps.

Glow Gracefully with the Herald of Aurene Appearance Package

Herald of Aurene Appearance Package

Prepare for the coming battles with a stunning new ensemble to coordinate with Aurene. Inlaid with shifting prismatic scales and surrounded by a soft chromatic aura, this outfit positively screams, “My friend is a dragon, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The Herald of Aurene Appearance Package includes the Herald of Aurene Outfit, Herald of Aurene Cape, 5 Aurene Dye Kits, a Mythic Weapon Choice, and a Total Makeover Kit. All items except the exclusive Mythic Weapon Choice can be purchased separately.

Big Discounts and Magical New Items

Conjured Starlight Hat

Cut from the night sky and stitched together with celestial light, this whimsical hat is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of magic to their style. It floats gently above your head, so you’ll never have to worry about unfashionable hat hair.