Current Warframe Mod Prices

Name Description Polarity Rarity Price
Acrobat Reduces stamina costs of wallrunning VazarinVazarin_Pol Uncommon 1P
Antitoxin Adds Toxin_b Toxin damage resistance VazarinVazarin_Pol Uncommon 1P
Aviator Reduces damage taken while airborne VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 15P
Blind Rage Increases power strength/Reduces power efficiency MaduraiMadurai_Pol Corrupted 20P
Constitution Increases knockdown recovery speed/Increases power duration NaramonNaramon_Pol Nightmare 8P
Continuity Increases power duration MaduraiMadurai_Pol Rare 8P
Diamond Skin Adds Radiation_b Radiation damage resistance VazarinVazarin_Pol Uncommon 1P
Enemy Sense Pinpoints enemy locations on minimap NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 8P
Equilibrium Provides energy when picking up health orbs/Provides health when picking up energy orb NaramonNaramon_Pol Uncommon 20P
Fast Deflection Increases shield recharge rate VazarinVazarin_Pol Uncommon 1P
Flame Repellent Adds Heat_b Fire damage resistance VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Fleeting Expertise Increases power efficiency/Reduces power duration NaramonNaramon_Pol Corrupted 20P
Flow Increases maximum energy NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 7P
Fortitude Adds chance to resist knockdown/Increases shield recharge rate NaramonNaramon_Pol Nightmare 7P
Handspring Increases knockdown recovery speed NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 5P
Heavy Impact Heavy landings create damaging and stunning shockwaves NaramonNaramon_Pol Uncommon 1P
Insulation AddsCold_b Cold damage resistance VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Intensify Increases power strength MaduraiMadurai_Pol Rare 7P
Intruder Increases hacking time NaramonNaramon_Pol Common 1P
Lightning Rod Adds Electricity_b Electricity damage resistance VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Maglev Increases slide speed NaramonNaramon_Pol Uncommon 1P
Marathon Increases maximum stamina VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Master Thief Adds chance to unlock locked lockers NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 15P
Narrow Minded Increases power duration/Reduces power range VazarinVazarin_Pol Corrupted 20P
Natural Talent Increases cast speed NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 7P
Overextended Increases power range/Reduces power strength VazarinVazarin_Pol Corrupted 20P
Primed Continuity Increases power duration MaduraiMadurai_Pol Legendary 300P
Primed Flow Increases maximum energy NaramonNaramon_Pol Legendary 250P
Provoked Increases damage dealt during bleedout MaduraiMadurai_Pol Uncommon 1P
Quick Rest Increases stamina recovery rate VazarinVazarin_Pol Uncommon 1P
Quick Thinking Warframe energy is automatically used to absorb and prevent lethal damage VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 10P
Rage Damage to health restores Warframe energy MaduraiMadurai_Pol Rare 15P
Rapid Resilience Reduces status duration on self VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 10P
Redirection Increases maximum shield capacity VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Reflection Damage is reflected back at melee attackers while blocking VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Reflex Guard Warframe can automatically parry incoming attacks and will always parry certain special attacks VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 2P
Retribution Adds chance to do Electricity_b Electricity damage to melee attackers that damage your shields VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 10P
Rush Increases sprint speed NaramonNaramon_Pol Uncommon 1P
Shield Flux Warframe automatically converts shield energy intostamina when stamina is low NaramonNaramon_Pol Common 100P
Shock Absorbers Increases damage resistance when knocked down VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 2P
Steel Fiber Increases armor VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Streamline Increases power efficiency NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 6P
Stretch Increases power range NaramonNaramon_Pol Uncommon 2P
Sure Footed Adds chance to resist knockdown VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 20P
Thief's Wit Displays location of containers and resources on minimap NaramonNaramon_Pol Common 1P
Transient Fortitude Increases power strength/Reduces power duration MaduraiMadurai_Pol Corrupted 10P
Undying Will Reduces bleedout rate VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 3P
Vigor Increases maximum health/Increases maximum shield capacity VazarinVazarin_Pol Nightmare 8P
Vitality Increases maximum health VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P
Warm Coat Reduces amount of shields lost to ice/cryo level hazard VazarinVazarin_Pol Common 1P