Pact Supply Network Agent

You will gain access to these special karma merchants by training gw013the
third line of the Pact Commander mastery, Supply Line Management.
(Keep note: Heart of Thorns expansion required)

There are six merchants in total, one per region of Tyria.
Their locations change daily, and you may only purchase one item per vendor per day.

Every merchant sells 3 items.

1: 20px-Torn_Page_from__Tyrian_Pact_Survival_Handbook_ Torn Page from “Tyrian Pact Survival Handbook” (Rare) for 7,777 Karma.

This item grants a random Rare crafting recipe.

2: 20px-Pact_Scout's_Mapping_Materials Pact Scout’s Mapping Materials (Masterwork) for 5,250 Karma.

This item grants 200 map bonus reward points for the current map the character is in.

3: Random Recipe (Exotic) costs 25,200 Karma. (This item changes daily)

A random Exotic Recipe that changes daily. 

You can recognize their location on your map by the following icon: Pact_Supply_Network_Agent_Map_Icon

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Todays Date is:

Monday, December 5th 2022

When timer is below 8 Hours left, it will still be the previous day locations.

Locations of Pact Supply Network Agents Reset in:


Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Day NPC Name Region Location Name Chat Link Image location
Monday Verma Giftrender Ascalon Haymal Gore [&BA8CAAA=] gw002gw001
Monday Lady Derwena Kryta Marshwatch Haven Waypoint [&BKYBAAA=] gw004gw003
Monday The Fox Maguuma Jungle Lionguard Waystation Waypoint [&BEwDAAA=] gw006gw005
Monday Mehem the Traveled Maguuma Wastes Restoration Refuge [&BIcHAAA=] gw007gw008
Monday Specialist Yana Ruins of Orr Rally Waypoint [&BNIEAAA=] gw009gw010
Monday Despina Katyn Shiverpeaks Ridgerock Camp Waypoint [&BIMCAAA=] gw012gw011
Tuesday Verma Giftrender Ascalon Temperus Point Waypoint [&BIMBAAA=] gw002gw001
Tuesday Lady Derwena Kryta Garenhoff [&BBkAAAA=] gw004gw003
Tuesday The Fox Maguuma Jungle Desider Atum Waypoint [&BEgAAAA=] gw006gw005
Tuesday Mehem the Traveled Maguuma Wastes Camp Resolve Waypoint [&BH8HAAA=] gw008gw007
Tuesday Specialist Yana Ruins of Orr Waste Hollows Waypoint [&BKgCAAA=] gw009gw012
Tuesday Despina Katyn Shiverpeaks Travelen's Waypoint [&BGQCAAA=] gw011gw010
Wednesday Verma Giftrender Ascalon Ferrusatos Village [&BPEBAAA=] gw002gw001
Wednesday Lady Derwena Kryta Shieldbluff Waypoint [&BKYAAAA=] gw004gw003
Wednesday The Fox Maguuma Jungle Swampwatch Post [&BMIBAAA=] gw006gw005
Wednesday Mehem the Traveled Maguuma Wastes Town of Prosperity [&BH4HAAA=] gw007gw012
Wednesday Specialist Yena Ruins of Orr Caer Shadowfain [&BP0CAAA=] gw009gw008
Wednesday Despina Katyn Shiverpeaks Mennerheim [&BDgDAAA=] gw011gw010
Thursday Verma Giftrender Ascalon Village of Scalecatch Waypoint [&BOcBAAA=] gw001gw002
Thursday Lady Derwena Kryta Altar Brook Trading Post [&BIMAAAA=] gw004gw003
Thursday The Fox Maguuma Jungle Wendon Waypoint [&BF0AAAA=] gw006gw005
Thursday Mehem the Traveled Maguuma Wastes Blue Oasis [&BKsHAAA=] gw008gw007
Thursday Specialist Yana Ruins of Orr Fort Trinity Waypoint [&BO4CAAA=] gw010gw009
Thursday Despina Katyn Shiverpeaks Rocklair [&BF0GAAA=] gw012gw011
Friday Verma Giftrender Ascalon Hawkgates Waypoint [&BNMAAAA=] gw009gw008
Friday Lady Derwena Kryta Pearl Islet Waypoint [&BNUGAAA=] gw011gw010
Friday The Fox Maguuma Jungle Bard's Waypoint [&BMwCAAA=] gw013gw012
Friday Mehem the Traveled Maguuma Wastes Repair Station [&BJQHAAA=] gw015gw014
Friday Specialist Yana Ruins of Orr Shelter Docks [&BJsCAAA=] gw017gw016
Friday Despina Katyn Shiverpeaks Dolyak Pass Waypoint [&BHsBAAA=] gw019gw018
Saturday Verma Giftrender Ascalon Bovarin Estate [&BBABAAA=] gw002gw001
Saturday Lady Derwena Kryta Vigil Keep Waypoint [&BJIBAAA=] gw003gw004
Saturday The Fox Maguuma Jungle Gallant's Folly [&BLkCAAA=] gw006gw005
Saturday Mehem the Traveled Maguuma Wastes Camp Resolve Waypoint [&BH8HAAA=] gw007gw008
Saturday Specialist Yana Ruins of Orr Augur's Torch [&BBEDAAA=] gw010gw009
Saturday Despina Katyn Shiverpeaks Balddistead [&BEICAAA=] gw011gw012
Sunday Verma Giftrender Ascalon Snow Ridge Camp Waypoint [&BCECAAA=] gw014
Sunday Lady Derwena Kryta Mudflat Camp [&BC0AAAA=] gw016gw015
Sunday The Fox Maguuma Jungle Mabon Waypoint [&BDoBAAA=] gw018gw017
Sunday Mehem the Traveled Maguuma Wastes Azarr's Arbor [&BIkHAAA=] gw020gw019
Sunday Specialist Yana Ruins of Orr Fort Trinity Waypoint [&BO4CAAA=] gw022gw021
Sunday Despina Katyn Shiverpeaks Blue Ice Shining Waypoint [&BIUCAAA=] gw024gw023