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Behold the Dark Wing Throne

Dark Wing Throne

With its enormous presence and glowing glamour, this opulent throne is sure to strike fear and wonder in the hearts of all who approach you. Its ornate jeweled pikes ensure no enemy can sneak up on you while you’re resting—but they wouldn’t dare.

Spice up Your Costume with the Bat Wings Headpiece

Bat Wings Headpiece

Try on our new creepy creation—the Bat Wings Headpiece! This demonically tailored treat is sure to meet all your spooky fashion needs this Halloween.

Frightening Fun from the Black Lion Trading Company

Free Hallows Fortune Fireworks

Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to stop by the Gem Store and kick off the festival with a free Hallows Fortune Fireworks bundle.

Sand Lion Warclaw Skin

Venture out into the Crystal Desert, and it won’t be long before you face down the king of the sand dunes. Now you can command this ferocious feline—and enjoy the sight of your enemies falling beneath its claws.

The Sand Lion Warclaw skin is available for individual purchase and can be found as an Uncommon drop inside Vermilion Autumn Chests.