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Chop Winter Firewood with the Glacial Logging Tool

Glacial Logging Tool

To show our appreciation for the chilly Far Shiverpeaks—whispers notwithstanding—we’ve had the top Black Lion Trading Company designers create this cool tool! It comes equipped with a Glyph of the Timekeeper, which grants a 33% chance of instantly completing your gathering.

Ring In the New Year at the Black Lion Trading Company

Year of the Rat Chest

Inside each chest, you’re guaranteed to find the Evon Gnashblade Lucky Envelope, a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, and two common items. You also have a chance to find something rarer in the fifth slot, including exclusive items, glyphs, and skins from the Crimson Lion Weapon Collection and Zodiac Weapon Collection.

Make a New Friend with the Pet Skyscale Whistle

Pet Skyscale Whistle

Skyscales are fantastic mounts, but trying to play fetch with a full-size dragon is a great way to get saddled with property damage fees. We have the solution! Your little pet skyscale is adorable, loves playing games, and can’t barrel through brick walls in its enthusiasm.