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Shadow of the Mad King 2021 Is Live

Let’s get spooky! Our annual Halloween festival, Shadow of the Mad King, is now live. Check out the release highlights and update notes for all the details.

Shadow of the Mad King Arrives October 5

Tyria’s annual Halloween festivities begin next week! From October 5 to November 9, Tyrians can pass through the barrier between our world and the Mad Realm, which is full of Halloween frights to explore, candy to collect, rewards to earn, and nightmares to inspire. Of course, that means the denizens of the Mad Realm can also visit us…

Guild Wars 2 Weekly Events Schedule: September 27 – October 4

Return to the Living World Story: “War Eternal”

With the devastating loss of Aurene, Tyria faces an existential threat: the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s victory is all but certain. The commander and their allies must reconcile themselves to their defeat and find a way to rejoin the seemingly hopeless battle. Living World Season 4 continues the story of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, which you’ll need to own to play the free episodes you unlock. This is the final episode of Living World Season 4, and Living World Return Season 5 will begin on October 19!