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The Twisted Marionette and Legendary Armory Are Here

Today’s update is live, with quality-of-life improvements for legendary owners and risks to life and limb for anyone brave enough to be in the stomping radius of a giant machine. Read the update notes on our forums for all the details.

Guild Wars 2 Weekly Events Schedule: July 12 – July 18

Our summer plans for Guild Wars 2 are packed with events! Check our official site on Mondays for a schedule of the week’s activities, and follow our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook accounts for news and updates. Don’t forget—you’ll always find important information, Guild Wars 2 discussions, and community resources on our official forums.

Confront the Twisted Marionette on July 13

Scarlet Briar terrorized Lornar’s Pass with her watchwork superweapon, the Twisted Marionette, shortly before her devastating assault on the city of Lion’s Arch. Tyria’s heroes organized a rapid counterassault, severed its chain tethers, and reduced it to an ominous but inert pile of scrap.