Current Stance Mod Prices

Name Description Weapon Type Polarity Rarity Price
Astral Twilight Orbiting slashes and lashing strikes Glaives NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 100P
Bleeding Willow A blend of strong and rapid strikes with leaping combos Polearms NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 15p
Blind Justice Reverse grip style emphasizing slashing and impaling strikes Nikanas MaduraiMadurai_Pol Uncommon 15P
Brutal Tide Round-house attacks and leaping fists Sparring NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 8P
Burning Wasp Chaining combos Whips VazarinVazarin_Pol Uncommon 2P
Clashing Forest Arcing strikes and focused combos Staves MaduraiMadurai_Pol Uncommon 2P
Cleaving Whirlwind Arcing cuts with spinning finish Heavy Swords/Axes VazarinVazarin_Pol Rare 9P
Coiling Viper Powerful arcing strikes with energetic flips Whips ZenurikZenurik_Pol Rare 5P
Crimson Dervish Strong whirlwind attacks Swords MaduraiMadurai_Pol Rare 40P
Crossing Snakes Multi-angle strikes and deadly thrust attacks Dual Swords NaramonNaramon_Pol Rare 10P
Crushing Ruin Arial attacks with crowd control combos Hammers MaduraiMadurai_Pol Rare 10P
Decisive Judgement