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The Icebrood Saga: Champions

Nights are growing longer, and we can hear Jormag’s whispers in every chill wind. It’s nearly time for The Icebrood Saga‘s climactic arc to shake Tyria to its core.

Shadow of the Mad King 2020 Is Live

Let’s get spooky! Our annual Halloween festival, Shadow of the Mad King, is now live. Check out the release highlights and update notes for all the details.

Where to Go

First, check your in-game mail for a letter from Magister Tassi containing an Invitation to the Mad Realm. Use this item to travel back and forth between Tyria and Mad King’s Labyrinth.

The Shadow of the Mad King 2020 Arrives Next Week

Tyria’s spookiest festival returns from October 13 to November 3! Once a year, anyone can pass through haunted doors into the Mad Realm, and its dreadful inhabitants pay us a visit. It’s all in good fun, though…except for the Labyrinthine Horror. That one gives us nightmares.*