How to split/devide items?

Drag the item while holding ALT down to another empty slot.


You will then get a pop-up window asking a number about what size you want it to be.


After filling in a number your done! (Example result below)


Where can I see the Server Time?

Press F11, this will open Options.

You can then see Ingame-clock under  User Interface. Click on it and set it to Server Time. (Also see: How can I see local time in chat?)

You will then see the Server Time in the left under corner of your minimap.


How can I see local time in chat?

Click on the gear at your chat window, then check the box in front of Show Timestamps.

You can now see your local time every time a message shows.


How to enter the Guild Hall?

Press G this will open your Guild Panel, you can find the button to enter the Guild Hall up right.


Is there a personal Bank in the Guild Hall?

You can find your personal bank in the Guild Hall at 2 places.

Place 1:

Go to the Guild Initiative Representative [Guild Bank], up left click on the Inventory and change it to Account Vault. It will now show your personal bank.


Place 2:

Go to the Scribing Station (located at your guilds Workshop) and click the 3d tab on the left.