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Celebrate Spookiness with the Reaper’s Vision Chest

Darkest Abyss Dye Kit

Show off your dark side. No, we mean your darker side. Your very darkest side—but with just a splash of brilliant color. Open this dye kit to find a random dye from a pool of 25 somber shades, including six new exclusive colors: Abyssal Twilight, Abyssal Sun, Abyssal Rose, Abyssal Ridge, Abyssal Flame, and Abyssal Depths.

Fashion Lives Forever with the Immortal Ring Package

Immortal Ring Package

Whether your personal style is an ethereal glow or a searing flame, these glove skins are sure to be a glow up for your wardrobe. The package contains an Immortal Light Ring Gloves Skin and an Immortal Fire Ring Gloves Skin.

The Comet Hammer Skin is Speeding Your Way

Comet Hammer Skin

With its colorful aura and elegant design, this captured celestial body is lovely to behold—but devastating on impact.