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Haunt the Deep and Harrow the Heavens with the Archdemon Chest

Ghost of the Deep Spaulders Skin

Shroud yourself in the ghostly glory of the deep sea with this eerie shoulder armor.

Shoot for Your Dreams With the Dreamwalker Longbow Skin

Dreamwalker Longbow Skin

This deceptively delicate longbow’s shattered curves have been reinforced with ethereal light. Add some strength and beauty to your wardrobe this week—the Dreamwalker Scythe Staff Skin, Dreamwalker Dagger Skin, and Dreamwalker Sword Skin are 20% off!

Fashion Strikes Again with the Shatterspark Gloves Skin

Shatterspark Gloves

Our master crafters bound together shards of jagged metal and luminous lightning in a set of gloves to put the power of the storm in your hands.