Guide Your Mind with the Prayer Bead Wraps

Prayer Bead Wraps

These exquisite gloves are decorated with smooth jade beads—perfect for meditation.

March Sales

Our annual March sales continue this week with more value packages and discounts on popular items!

March 8
25% Off—Material Storage Expansion

March 9
40% Off—Aetherblade armor skins, Zodiac armor skins, and Ice Reaver armor skins

March 10
30% Off—Waypoint Unlock Box, Central Tyria Waypoint Unlock Package, Expansion Waypoint Unlock Package, and Revive Orb

March 11
Returning—Dragon’s Watch Voucher Pack

March 12
20% Off—Magical Appearance Package, Venombite Appearance Package, True Assassin’s Package, Mist Stranger Package, Abyss Stalker Appearance Package, and Gem Aura Appearance Package

End of Dragons Launch Supply Drop

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What’s in Stock

We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of unique armor pieces this week.

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Prayer Bead Wraps Skin: 500
Dragon’s Watch Voucher Pack: 2800