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“Whisper in the Dark” is Live

The first episode of The Icebrood Saga , “Whisper in the Dark,” is now live! Check out the release page for all the details and read the update notes on our forums.

Developing Essence Manipulation

I love Living World Masteries, but non-mount Masteries often offer only one progression track. Since multiple progression tracks give players more meaningful reasons to play together in a map—and more new things to do after putting in time playing their level-80 characters—I set out to develop a system that would give players a crystal-clear way to progress toward the endgame rewards in The Icebrood Saga . The result of the team’s hard work is Essence Manipulation, which is made up of three Masteries, each with two tiers. Combined with the two-tiered Raven Spirit Mastery, that’s eight tracks of player progression!

Watch the Trailer for “Whisper in the Dark”

The first episode of The Icebrood Saga  arrives on November 19! Watch the trailer below and visit the release page for all the details.