Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up

Total costs: 32 14000 25

1. Turtle Saddle Parts List

“Obtained by speaking to Rota after helping the turtle reach adulthood.”

Go to Arborstone Waypoint and then go North/East, speak with Rota to unlock the third collection “Turtle Unlock: Suiting Up”.

2. Luxon Tools

“Obtained from the remnants of the Jade Maw in Dragon’s End.”

Go to Jade Quarry Waypoint and then go South/East, complete the “[Group Event] Defeat the Void-corrupted Jade Maw” at Miner’s Folly to recieve the Luxon Tools.

To defeat the Jade Maw you have to kill the Void Corrupted Maw Tentacles & Veteran Void-Corrupted Jade Collosus, then pickup the Reflecting Crystals that drop from them. Stand in the circle (can be recognized with arrows pointing towards the center of the impact area) where the Jade Maw beams his skill. Finnaly throw the charged crystal back at the Jade Maw to damage it.

3. Turret Plans

“Purchased from Elora in New Kaineng City.”

Go to Garden Heights Waypoint and then go East, speak with Elora and purchase the Turret Plans for 16 and 7000.

4. Turret Power Unit

“Obtained from the Aetherblade Renyak in Seitung Province.”

Go to Haiju Docks Waypoint and then go West, complete the “[Group Event] Defeat Renyak!” at Aetherblade Refuge to recieve the Turret Power Unit. (This is the final event of the Meta event chain in Seitung Province)

5. Alleola Oil

“Obtained by helping Doireann gather sap within Echovald Wilds. Derived from alleola sap gathered from the Forever Tree of Echovald Forest.”

Go to Kropa Waypoint and then go South/East, complete the “Collect sap for the restoration ritual before the plants stop producing it” or the “Protect the sylvari until the ritual is complete” event at Forever Tree to recieve the Alleola Oil.

6. Deluxe Leather Seating

“Ripped from the gullet of a mighty leviathan off the coast of Seitung Province or New Kaineng City”.

Go to Village Waypoint and then go South, complete the “[Group Event] Fend off the leviathan” to recieve the Deluxe Leather Seating.

If the event has not yet started, go east of Aurene’s Enclave
speak with Fahl al’Eshadhi to start the event.

7. Thruster Plans

“Purchased from a tengu spy in Echovald Wilds.”

Go to Junkyard Waypoint and then go South/East, speak with Kestrel Michiko and purchase the Thruster Plans for 16 and 7000.

8. Thruster Control Unit

“Obtained in the Ministry of Security Strike.”

You will recieve the Thruster Control Unit after defeating Minister Li in the Strike Mission: Kaineng Overlook.

You can enter this Strike Mission from the locations shown below.

Go to Ministry Ward Waypoint and then go South/West, interact with the Scrying Stone.

Go to Arborstone Waypoint and then go East, speak with Lyra [Strike Missions].

9. Saddle Color Selection

“Unindentified dye can be purchased from the trading post.”

Go to Arborstone Waypoint and then go North/East, speak with Fidget and purchase the Saddle Color Selection for 25.

Now return to Rota and your done! Enjoy your new mount.


5 AP

Siege Turtle mount unlock

Turtle Mount mastery unlock