Inspire Dread with the Inquest Overseer Chair and Glider

Inquest Overseer Chair Glider Combo

This terrifying technological marvel encompasses both an impressive glider and a comfortable chair that’s mobile on the ground. If you’re not a member of the Inquest, never fear! We’ve performed a thorough override on the security safeguards to ensure anyone can take a seat.

World Boss Rush Returns July 16

The World Boss Rush special event is back next week for another round of vigorous villain vanquishing and bonus rewards. When we ran the first iteration of the event, we asked you to share your thoughts—and based on your feedback, we’ve made some updates. Thank you for taking the time to weigh in!

Fashion Takes Flight with the Skyscale Ascension Mounts Pack

Skyscale Ascension Mounts Pack

A group of dragons is called a “glory,” and we can attest that this pack of skyscale skins is most glorious to behold. It’s time for you and your skyscale mount to ascend to new, fashionable heights with this pack of five skins!