Guide Your Mind with the Prayer Bead Wraps

Prayer Bead Wraps

These exquisite gloves are decorated with smooth jade beads—perfect for meditation.

March Sales

Our annual March sales continue this week with more value packages and discounts on popular items!

The Black Lion Trading Company’s March Sales Begin Today

March Sales Begin Today

The whole month of March is packed with sales! Stop by the Gem Store throughout the week for discounts on some of our most popular items.

March 1
20% Off—End of Dragons Preparation Pack (if you’ve previously reached the limit of purchases per account, you can now purchase additional packs)

March 2
50% Off—Total Makeover Kit, Self-Style Hair Kit, and Transmutation Charges

Game Update Notes: February 28, 2022

02/28/2022—February 28 Release Notes

End of Dragons


For as long as memory serves, Tyria has been locked in the Dragon Cycle, with every iteration of awakening, consumption, and slumber seeming as fixed an occurrence as the movement between night and day. But now five Elder Dragons are dead—felled by the hand of the commander and their allies—and with each death, the powerful magics once stabilized by their existence have been released. Some of this has passed to Aurene, but the rest has vanished to parts unknown. Where has it gone, and what does it mean for Tyria for these fundamental forces to be increasingly destabilized? It seems our answers lie in a long-shuttered corner of the world: Cantha.