Prepare for Adventure with the New Horizons Mount Skin Collection

Free Heart of Thorns Emblem Clothing Outfit

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New Horizons Mount Skin Collection

It’s almost time to head off on your next adventure, so put a spring in your mount’s step with a fresh new look! There’s something for each of them in this collection, from the reliable raptor to the fearsome warclaw—available exclusively through New Horizons licenses.

  • Raptor: Vital Geode, Lithosol
  • Jackal: Sun Stalker, Fulgurite Ridgeback
  • Skimmer: Luminous Ray
  • Springer: Cascade Heeler, Maguuma Jackrabbit
  • Griffon: Crowned Skyfisher
  • Roller Beetle: Deep Desert Scarab, Arctic Razor
  • Skyscale: Glademire, Broad-Horn Bull, Incarnate Flame
  • Warclaw: Savage Gladiator, Starclaw

New Horizons Mount Select License

Charge into the fray on the back of the lustrous Starclaw or set the skies on fire with the Incarnate Flame. Use this license to choose your favorite skin from the New Horizons collection and unlock it right away.

New Horizons Mount Adoption License
If you can’t decide on a favorite, this license will unlock a mount skin from the collection at random. You’re always guaranteed to get a skin, and you’ll never receive a duplicate.

New Horizons Supply Drop Requisition: Week Two

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Anniversary Sales Continue

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September 3

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  • Living World Season 3 Complete Pack—35% Off
  • Living World Season 4 Complete Pack—20% Off

September 4

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September 5

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September 6

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September 7

  • Shared Inventory Slot—30% Off

What’s in Stock

We’re refreshing our selection of armor pieces this week, so keep an eye out for returning favorites!
Returning Today

  • Recharging Teleport to Friend

Returning This Week

  • Skyscale Chair
  • Skyscale Horns Package

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New Horizons Mount Select License: 1200
New Horizons Mount Adoption License: 400 5/ 1800 15/ 5100