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Game Update Notes: July 27, 2021

07/27/2021—July 27 Release Notes

Living World

Bonus Event: World Boss Rush

This week, the World Boss Rush is on! Defeat massive bosses around the world to gain bonus loot and contribute to global progress. As the world achieves goal tiers, all participants will receive extra prizes. To see which bosses will appear next and their locations, just check the event display. The rush continues for one week, so be sure to join in!

Prepurchase Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons

Thank you for joining us for the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™ First Look Livestream! During this morning’s show, we revealed a tidal wave of new information about the third Guild Wars 2 expansion. Watch the announcement trailer above and visit the official website for new Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons feature information, art, and screenshots.

Guild Wars 2 Weekly Events Schedule: 26 July – 1 August

Our summer plans for Guild Wars 2 are packed with events! Check our official site on Mondays for a schedule of the week’s activities, and follow our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook accounts for news and updates. Don’t forget—you’ll always find important information, Guild Wars 2 discussions, and community resources on our official forums.