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Kit Yourself Out with the Fox Spirit Glider and End of Dragons Preparation Pack

Fox Spirit Glider

Foxes thrive just about everywhere, from lush forests to frosty mountains to sweltering deserts. Now you can add Tyria’s skies to their list of habitats—at least where the more mystical fox spirits are concerned.

Outfox everyone! The Shrine Guardian Outfit, Shrine Guardian Ears Package, Shrine Guardian Jackal Skin, and Shrine Guardian Bow Package are 20% off this week.

Designing the Canthan Written Language

A Brief History of the Canthan Written Language

When we first sat down to design the Canthan language as preproduction on Guild Wars: Factions® began, we had actually planned to create both a written and a spoken language, and early documentation was authored with a full vocabulary, rules of grammar, and more. But as is often the case with ambitious creative endeavors, we soon realized that the level of work and fidelity that would be required to achieve our goals quickly grew far beyond the project’s scope, and so we scaled the plan back to supporting a written language of around one hundred symbols.

Get the Dangerously Delightful Devil-Rending Axe Skin

Devil-Rending Axe Skin

An eerie aura and dangerous, dagger-sharp spikes give this axe some seriously sinister style.