Skyscale Care

Total costs: 12 60 300 24

1. Piece of Skyscale Food

“Crafted in the Mystic Forge by combining a Charged Quartz Crystal with Globs of Ectoplasm, Bloodstone Dust, and Red Meat. Can also be purchased from the trading post.”

Go to a forge and craft 12 Pieces of Skyscale Food. You can find one in Lion’s Arch, West of Trader’s Forum Waypoint .

Charged Quartz Crystal can be obtained by Converting 25 Quartz Crystals at a place of power, limited to once per day.

Return to your Skyscale in Sun’s Refuge  and give the food to your Skyscale.

Step 2 till 13 can be completed by giving more Skyscale Food to your Skyscale. Keep note you can only do this 4 times a day so it will take 3 days to complete this.


Skyscale Care
1 AP

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