Irresistible New Headgear

Shrine Guardian Ears Package

Pick up the Shrine Guardian Ears Package for a foxy set of headgear skins. The package includes Shrine Guardian Ears and glowing Revered Shrine Guardian Ears.

Skyscale Squad Glider Skin

No need to fear falling when you can call a half-dozen tiny baby skyscales to attach themselves and carry you across the sky.

What’s in Stock

We’re swapping out our current stock of minis this week and bringing back some summertime favorites!

Returning Today

  • Thunderstrike Harvesting Tool
  • Earthshaker Mining Tool
  • Firestorm Logging Tool
  • Elonian Beasts, Mordremoth, and Shadow Dye Kits—20% Off

Returning This Week

  • Toxic, Primordus, and Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Kits—20% Off
  • Kralkatorrik, Awakened, and Lion’s Arch Rebuild Dye Kits—20% Off
  • Solar and Lunar, Deathly, and Glint’s Winter Dye Kits—20% Off
  • Raven Mantle
  • Raven Helm

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Thunderstrike Harvesting Tool: 1000
Earthshaker Mining Tool: 1000
Firestorm Logging Tool: 1000
Elonian Beasts Dye Kit: 100 5/400 25/ 2000 (20% Off 125 5/ 625 25/ 3125)
Mordremoth Dye Kit: 100 5/ 400 25/ 2000 (20% Off 125 5/ 625 25/ 3125)
Shadow Dye Kit: 100 5/ 400 25/ 2000 (20% Off 125 5/ 625 25/ 3125)