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Fashion Strikes Again with the Shatterspark Gloves Skin

Shatterspark Gloves

Our master crafters bound together shards of jagged metal and luminous lightning in a set of gloves to put the power of the storm in your hands.

Guild Wars 2 Weekly Events Schedule: June 28 – July 4

Our summer plans for Guild Wars 2 are packed with events! Check our official site on Mondays for a schedule of the week’s activities, and follow our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook accounts for news and updates. Don’t forget—you’ll always find important information, Guild Wars 2 discussions, and community resources on our official forums.

Return to Living World Season 3 Story Begins June 29

In the aftermath of Mordremoth’s defeat, your allies are gathering to celebrate hard-won victories and mourn the lost. But as an old threat emerges into the light, a reckoning with secrets buried in Tyria’s long history begins.