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Big Discounts and Magical New Items

Conjured Starlight Hat

Cut from the night sky and stitched together with celestial light, this whimsical hat is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of magic to their style. It floats gently above your head, so you’ll never have to worry about unfashionable hat hair.

Game Update Notes: November 17, 2020

11/17/2020—November 17 Release Notes

Living World

New Release: Champions Chapter 1—Truce

With Jormag fully awakened, Tyria slips ever closer toward calamity. But another menace lurks below the surface, and it will be up to the commander to hold the line as new threats erupt. Gather your allies and ready your weapons in the first chapter of the climactic finale of The Icebrood Saga.

  • Rallying to the side of their champion, the Order of the Crystal Bloom are marshaling in the Eye of the North. Complete daily achievements on their behalf to aid their efforts and earn rewards. As the world completes tiers of progress, everyone who helps will earn extra rewards from the Crystal Bloom’s quartermaster!

The Roadrunner Raptor Is Born to Run

Roadrunner Raptor Skin

You’ll have a fine feathered friend to help you traverse the harshest Tyrian landscapes! This enormous bird is an eye-catching delight with colorful feather tips and a subtle crest.

The Roadrunner Raptor Skin can be purchased individually or found as an uncommon drop inside Black Lion Chests.