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Game Update Notes: October 27, 2020

10/27/2020—October 27 Release Notes

World Polish

Thunderhead Peaks

  • Fixed an issue that prevented characters from completing the Chasing Tales: Katarin the Bonecrusher achievement after unlocking Chasing Tales: Thundering Blow in rare situations. Characters currently affected by this issue will be able to update this achievement after returning to Thunderhead Peaks.

Behold the Dark Wing Throne

Dark Wing Throne

With its enormous presence and glowing glamour, this opulent throne is sure to strike fear and wonder in the hearts of all who approach you. Its ornate jeweled pikes ensure no enemy can sneak up on you while you’re resting—but they wouldn’t dare.

The Icebrood Saga: Champions

Nights are growing longer, and we can hear Jormag’s whispers in every chill wind. It’s nearly time for The Icebrood Saga‘s climactic arc to shake Tyria to its core.