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Game Update Notes: July 28, 2020

07/28/2020—July 28 Release Notes

Living World

New Release: Jormag Rising

The imposing wall of ice that once blocked all ingress to Dominion territory in the Drizzlewood Coast has receded, and the United Legions leaps at the chance to regain the upper hand. But this ice did not simply melt on its own. A terrifying force is absorbing this dreadful magic, pulling it north toward a massive citadel of ice, back into its owner: Jormag. Join forces with the leaders of the United Legions, sneak your way into enemy territory, and strike at the foul heart of Bangar’s Dominion.

Ferocious and Fiery Goods in Black Lion Chests

Wild Trihorn Raptor Skin

Raptors are strong, swift, and agile companions for the far-traveling hero, and this stalwart companion is ready to explore with you! From the intimidating tips of its supraorbital and epinasal horns to the menacing configuration of thagomizers on its tail, this raptor is practically built for defense.

The Wild Trihorn Raptor Skin is available for individual purchase and can be found as an uncommon drop inside Black Lion Chests.

“Jormag Rising” is Live

“Jormag Rising,” the fourth episode of The Icebrood Saga, is now live! Check out the release page for all the details and read the update notes on our forums.