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Game Update Notes: May 26, 2020

05/26/2020—May 26 Release Notes

Living World

New Episode: No Quarter

Mass defections to Bangar’s army have resulted in a charr civil war that will destabilize the United Legions and thwart all efforts to contain the Ice Dragon’s awakening. Head to Drizzlewood Coast and quell the insurgency before all is lost.

World Polish

  • Added the ability to recruit vendors from Grothmar Valley and Bjora Marches to the Eye of the North if a player has the corresponding episode unlocked.
  • Added the ability to unlock Sun’s Refuge as a destination from the Eye of the North asura gate.

Rock On With the Spellweaver Glider

Spellweaver Glider

For the adventurer looking for a bit more excitement in their gliding, we’ve created the new Spellweaver Glider. This glider has everything you need—a fierce pose, ethereal magic, and very special magic rocks!

“No Quarter” is Live

“No Quarter,” the third episode of The Icebrood Saga , is now live! Check out the release page for all the details and read the update notes on our forums.