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Game Update Notes: January 28, 2020

01/28/2020—January 28 Release Notes

Living World

New Episode: Shadow in the Ice

When Braham, Rytlock, and Crecia all go missing, the commander travels through the western mountain pass to find them. On the other side lies a frozen lake steeped in norn history, and the terrifying foe that calls it home.

  • As Bjora Marches expands for the new episode, numerous event updates, achievements, and secrets have been added to the existing half of the map. Use your new Masteries to find them all!
  • Grothmar Valley: Three new Icebrood Saga Mastery points can now be obtained in this map.

Soar Magically with the Sacred Pegasus Griffon Skin

Sacred Pegasus Griffon Skin

Pegasi are rumored to be good and gentle, always eager to help those pure of heart. If that sounds like you, get ready to befriend a rare, mythical winged creature of your very own! This majestic mount skin is sold individually and can also be found as a rare drop in the Heart’s Delight Chest.

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