Monthly Archives: September 2019

Mount Up for Grothmar Valley with the Primal Spirit Jackal Skin

Primal Spirit Jackal Skin

Enjoy the beauty of Grothmar Valley on the back of a truly majestic beast. From its crown of elegant horns to the magic flowers that bloom in its footsteps, it seems as though nature itself is breathing life into this otherworldly mount.

The Primal Spirit jackal skin can be purchased directly or found as a rare drop inside Black Lion Chests.

Conquer Air and Sea with the Cube Matrix Glider and Pirate Captain’s Chair

Cube Matrix Glider

Whirling cubes trace electromagical geometries in the air to deliver you to the ground at optimal, non-lethal speeds. Thanks, little cubes! What would we do without you?

The Expansion Boost Special Event Begins Today

Catch up on story, brush up your Masteries, and prepare for The Icebrood Saga with the Expansion Boost Special Event! From today until September 17, you’ll gain double the Mastery experience in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™, Living World Season 3, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, and Living World Season 4 maps.