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Learn All about Build and Equipment Templates

In April, we announced that we’ve been working on a much-requested feature for Guild Wars 2: templates. They’ve been in development for a long time, and today we’re finally pulling back the curtain on how the feature works. We’re looking forward to getting it into your hands so we can hear your feedback and continue to build on it! We’re happy to announce that we’ll release Guild Wars 2 templates on October 29!

Change Is in the Air with the Mage Knight Appearance Package

Mage Knight Appearance Package

Autumn is on its way, but don’t wait for someone to tell you that your current style is “so last season.” Give yourself a magical new look with the Mage Knight Outfit! This appearance package also includes a battle-ready Citadel Assault Pack and Citadel Assault Glider. Finally, polish the new you with an Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice and a Total Makeover Kit.

Skyscale Stealth

Speak with Gorrik in Sun’s Refuge, now interact with Home Base (Play Hide-and-Seek), you will have to find your skyscale now, its location will blink with a red dot on the map after some time to help you find its location.

You will have to do this 3 times, 1x easy (Stealthy Apprentice), 1x medium (Stealthy Journeyman) and 1x hard (Stealthy Master).