Monthly Archives: February 2019

Tame the Warclaw

The cat’s out of the bag. Something big is coming to World vs. World next week!

On February 26, befriend the warclaw—a new mount available exclusively through WvW. It’s the only mount that can carry you into battle in the Mist War, where its skills truly shine.

The Distant Lands Mount Adoption Collection Is on Sale!

On Sale This Week—Distant Lands Mount Adoption Collection


For a limited time, the Distant Lands Mount Select License and Distant Lands Mount Adoption License are available at a discount!

Use the Distant Lands Mount Adoption License to unlock one of fifteen exclusive skins from the distant lands collection at random. You’re always guaranteed to receive a skin, and you’ll never get a duplicate.

Have a Seat in the New Club Chair


Club Chair

Add this chair to your novelties wardrobe to bring a touch of elegance to any gathering. Use it to kick up your heels in style wherever you go!