Monthly Archives: November 2018

Head Off to the Races with the Distant Lands Mount Skin Collection

Distant Lands Mount Skin Collection


We’ve got fifteen new mount skins for aspiring roller beetle jockeys—and anyone with a serious eye for mount fashion. This collection is available exclusively through Distant Lands licenses.

Befriend a New Pet Dog

Pet Dog Whistle: Basenji


Yes, you can have a dog—but you have to promise to play with it, train it, and feed it! A dog is a big responsibility, but if you spend time with it every day, it’ll learn how to correctly perform the tricks you teach it…and learn new ones, too.

This novelty whistle will summon a clever Kournan basenji to keep you company.

Feathered Fashion and Battle-Ready Updates to Black Lion Chests

Raven Helm and Raven Mantle


Honor Raven’s spirit, create a new bird-themed secret identity, or just get a head start on next year’s Halloween costume. The Raven Helm features a majestic beak and head plumage, and the Raven Mantle has plenty of thick feathers to ward off winter’s chill.