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Game Update Notes: June 26, 2018

06/26/2018—June 26 Release Notes

Living World

Long Live the Lich

Palawa Joko’s menace has gone global, and the time has finally come to confront him. A coalition of new and old allies march on the Scourge of Vabbi and lay siege to his fortress—which might be playing right into the lich’s hands.

The Roller Beetle: A Familiar Friend


Welcome, Tyrians!

Today you’ll meet the first new addition to our corral of existing mounts—and it might be a familiar friend to many of you. Say hello to the roller beetle!

Find New Items in the Gandaran Strongholds Black Lion Chest

Gandaran Strongholds Chest


We’ve packed Black Lion Chests with a fresh assortment of items. Each chest is guaranteed to contain a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, a seasonal item, and two common items. Chests also have a chance to contain an uncommon, rare, or super-rare item.