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    Want to join our guild?
    Leave your account name here (example.1234)
    You can see your account name by pressing Y ingame, it will show up on your upper left of the Contacts and LFG window.

    If you want to join any of our guilds random just leave your account name.
    If you prefer to join 1 of our 4 guilds, then also include the guild name.
    (Rammstein / Rammstein X / Rammstein R / Rammstein WvW)

    My account name: Example.1234
    Guild: Rammstein X

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    Account Name: GGwhatyonameis.5497



    Account name: screamsofchaos.2791

    I’ve always seen the [RAMM] around and knew it was among the largest guilds in the game but never really had an opportunity to see what it’s like. Now I’m curious to see how you guys run things with that many members. I’d like to sign up for the guild focused on dungeons and PvE.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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