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    Raid Team

    Raids take place at Monday: 18:00 server time, Tuesday: 18:00 server time.

    Requirements to join:
    Itzel Mastery Rank 3+
    Keep note people with ascended will be acceptet first before exotic (ascended preffered)
    Also keep note that max size for a team is 10, if u apply to late u can only be added to the replacement group for if someone does not show up/can’t come.

    Once your in the raid team u will have to be online atleast 5 minutes before we start raiding.
    Always come in prepared, make sure to have food/utility your build and gear ready.
    Leaving a raid without a reasonable reason and given permission from the raid leader, will result in a kick from the raid team without the ability to get in ever again.
    These rules might sound harsh but are a requirement for being a succesfull group.

    If u want to join the team reply here your ingame account name(example.1234) and the classes that you can provide. Or whisper one of the Leaders.

    Team 1:
    1 Alexander.6839 —– Druid/Chronomancer/Ps/Temp/DD [Ascended]
    2 Sharptooth.7536 ——- C-PS/Temp/DD/Condi engi[Ascended]

    Replacement Group:
    1. Nightgunner.2896 ——- Dire, Necromancer (Condi/Tank) []
    2. John Raw.2659 ——- Berseker’s, Guardian (Power/Crit) [Ascended]
    3. Elfanir.3518 ——- Druid [Ascended]
    4. Night Zephyr.5642 ——- Berskerer’s, Guardian (Power/Crit) [Ascended]
    5. Marius.3185 ——- Berskerer’s, Ps Warrior/ Chronomancer [Ascended]
    6. Raiput.1403 ——- Berskerer’s, Chronomancer [Ascended]
    7. Ludde.3786 ——- Ranger/Druid Zerk or Condi [Ascended]
    8. Fenrir.3670 ——- Zerk Dps Warrior/Reaper [Ascended]
    9. Lucyy.5364 ——- Full Dps Warrior/tempest [Ascended]
    10. Gabindo.4017 ——- Vipir’s, Engineer/Revenant/Tempest [Ascended]
    11. SLOJoNeJ.7546 ——- Dps Chronomancer/Dragonhunter [Ascended]
    12. Miro.8456 ——- Ps Warrior/Tempest/ Condi engi [Ascended]
    13. Valefar.9362 ——- Power/Condi Ps Warrior [Ascended]
    14. Eblik.2983 ——- Ps Warrior [Ascended]
    15. GreenOw.2318 ——- Ps Warrior/Dragonhunter [Ascended]
    16. Fresho.6870 ——- CPS/Temp/Cranger [Ascended]
    17. Zelvyr.9268 ——- Magi druid/Cranger [Ascended]
    18. Zmarksthespot.4802 ——- Magi Druid [Ascended]
    19. Lind.7680 ——- Zerk Tempest/Dragonhunter [Ascended]
    20. Doncpauli.4217 —– Saphir’s, Chronomancer (Power/Crit) [Ascended]

    Rammstein X
    Team 1:
    Alexander.6839 ——- Cleric, Guardian (Heal/Tank) [Ascended]

    Replacement Group:

    1.Bashira.8096 ——- Celestial, Tempest (Heal)
    2.BlskyXGleb.2813 ——- Zerk, Ranger [Semi Ascended]
    3.Galaduine.4392 ——- Zerk, Tempest (zerk,fire)
    4.KillerClown.7219 ——- Zerk Blood Reaper [Ascended]
    5.Mr Christian.7639 ——-Zerk, warrior/rev (Zerk) [Semi Ascended]
    6.Paggelito.2305 ——- Magitech, Engineer (Condi) [Ascended]
    7.Kornelly.8617 ——- Berzerker, Thief (Zerk) [Semi Ascended]
    8.Sukichan.1435 ——- Chronomancer/ Condi ranger [Ascended]
    9.Roadkill.8423 …… Zerk Revenant [Semi Ascended]
    10.Vice.1296 …… Zerk Revenant [Semi Ascended]
    11.Roger Pierepont.7530 ——- Zerk Revenant [Ascended]
    12.Mrgreen.8623 ——- zerk Warrior [Ascended]
    13.Pusi Hanter.1635 ——- Zerk, Tempest [Ascended]
    13.HeKaMe.1298 ——- Celestial Elementalist [Ascended]
    14.MAUS HOUS.8047 ——- Zerk Reaper [Ascended]
    15.Dallay.3169 ——- Vipir’s, Engineer (Condi) [Semi Ascended]
    16.Slo warr.8419 …… Zerk, Revenant/Ps Warrior [Ascended]
    17.Nabash.6182 …… Zerk Chronomancer [Semi Ascended]
    18.kitysnorepoes.8913 ——- Chronomancer, Warrior [Semi ascended]
    19.Rakiel.8475 ——- Dps staf Tempest [Ascended]
    20.Gashock.1962 ——- Reaper, Daredevil Dps [Ascended]
    21.HunterWMD.7463 ——- Zerk, Dardevil [Ascended]
    22.Floin.6839 ——- Vipir’s, Engineer [Semi Ascended]
    23.Roger Pierrepoint.7530 ——- Zerk, Revenant [Semi Ascended]
    24.Ifrit.3457 …… Zerk Warrior [Ascended]
    25.Leonsa.1604 …… Zerk Warrior/Ranger [Ascended]
    26.Poikjm.1234 ——- Zerk Revenant/Tempest/Reaper [Ascended]
    27.Chriell.8735 ——- Zerk Chronomancer [Semi Ascended]
    28.Razorize.7984 ——- Zerk Daredevil [Ascended]
    29.Infernovak.1240 ——- Zerk Daredevil [Ascended]
    30.Cro Alex ——- Ps Warrior [Ascended]
    31.Tamer Ihneif.9804 ——- Zerk Tempest [Ascended]
    32.Moonlightrix.4691 ——- Zerk Tempest/Rev [Ascended]
    33.Splendour.6315 ——- Zerk Tempest [Ascended]
    34.Life Taker.1826 ——- Zerk Tempest/Ps War/Necro [Ascended]
    35.iGamebreacker.9706 ——- Zerk Tempest [Ascended]
    36.CrazyTeko.6150 ——- Ps Warrior/ Druid [Ascended]
    37.Projectrevo.4036 ——- Zerk Tempest [Ascended]
    38.Rik.4850 ——- Zerk Tempest [Ascended]
    39.SHINJIN.3924 ——- Ps Warrior [Ascended]
    40.Nakke.1052 ——- Zerk Chronomancer (Ascended)
    41.Jade Dragon.9438 ——- Ps Warrior [Ascended]

    Vale Guardian Killed on:

    Raid VG

    Gorseval killed on:

    Sabetha killed on:



    Nightgunner.2896 Dire/Mathilde’s/Morbach’s, Necromancer (Condi/Tank)

    Applying for team 1.



    nakke.1052 Carrion,Necromancer (crit/tank)
    Gear (Semi Ascended)

    Applying for Rammstein X team 1



    *build Fixed*
    nakke.1052 Cavalier’s,Necromancer (crit/tank)
    Gear (Semi Ascended)

    Applying for Rammstein X team 1


    Luke Raw

    Hi guys
    I have question for the herald, I’m not sure which armor I should craft Saphir or Berserker?

    I have already a guard berserker with ascended gear, can I join with him to the second raid team?

    Thanks for your help




    Depends on your crit rate just make sure that you dont reach more then ~96% crit rate, because other people in the party might provide crit rate buffs aswell. You can also mix n match a set with berserker/saphirs.
    For the guard berserker will place u in the ramm raid team 1 as replacement, futher you might be able to join the main ramm x team (ask alex).


    Luke Raw

    murmer mosina

    good day

    mummer mosina here, I have a healer druid and tank revenant. druid has only assesnded staff atm and revenant has two assended weopens and three assended armor pieces. I have done the raid a few times but not successful.



    Purple Rabbitt

    Hey im Purple Rabbitt and im a Tempest Healer full Celestial, can i join to a team? Please *.*


    Max Durak


    Max Durak.1358. Reaper – Offensive Blood Support. Soldier/Cavalier/Berserker (on demand) armor, ascended berserker weapons, trinkets.

    Applying for Rammstein X team 1

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    Ps berserker Full asc
    Reaper offensive blood supp full asc



    Applying for Rammstein X team 1

    DPS ele, full asc. Can switch to other class if needed (but I have to have time to practice :P).


    Alexandera X

    Since most of the players that did apply to the team dont show up during the planned time. im refreshing the Raid Team.

    If u apply to the team u should be online before we have the Raid. So u need to have enough time for it. It also takes about 1 hour+ atleast its from Monday till Wednesday from 19:00 server time. So if u dont have enough time for it u can still apply for the replacement group.

    If ur new to Raids its no problem aslong ur willing to learn it.
    When ur in the Raid Team and u have for example 1 day no time to comme than inform 1 of the leaders so we can get replacement.



    Main -Ps war – Herald Dps All Ascended.
    2th. Chorono Dps All Ascended.
    3th. Dps Ele All Ascended.
    4th. Condi Engi Set an Trinks and a Wep ascended(only a wep viper exo gun)
    5th. Reaper Condi . Asc.
    I exp all bos :) GL all

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    Nabash.6182 Zerk Mesmer GS/SW+Focus (half asc / half exo)

    I apply to reserve group (Ramm X pref)

    I’m fresh to HoT (purchased 2016-01-19) so it will take some time to level up masteries.

    What builds do you suggest for chrono? What do you think about this one?

    I would like Doncpauli input on his build too.

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