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    Here you will find all Guild Ranks Explained.

    Order from High to Low:
    1: Leader
    2: Sub-Leader
    3: Recruiter
    4: Officer
    5: Legend
    6: Legendary
    7: Champion
    8: Veteran
    9: Member
    10: Non Representer

    1: These are the leaders of our guilds, and have all permissions.
    2: These are the sub-leaders of our guilds and are the persons to contact first when the leaders are not online, they have permissions to start guild missions, change the message of the day & more.
    3: These are the recruiters of our guild, their main objective is to get people to join our guilds, they are given more permissions to perform their jobs and as a reward.
    4: These are the officers or our guilds, they can start guild missions & more.
    5: You will become a Legend when you have been a member from our guild for some time, and being a top contributer for our Guild Hall.
    6: You will become a Legendary when being part of our guild for 1 Year+.
    7: You will become a Champion when being part of our guild for 6 Months+.
    8: You will become a Veteran when being part of our guild for 3 Months+.
    9: This is the rank every new member will have when he joins our guild.
    10: This is the rank u will get when ur not representing in one of our guilds where we have a 100% rep rule, see it as a warning when place is required u will get kicked and moved to a guild that does not require it.

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