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Halloween 2019 is Getting Closer

From October 15 to November 5 King Oswald Thorn’s cruel laughter will fill the air as Halloween returns to Tyria! Play wicked games, tackle the Mad King’s Clock Tower, go trick-or-treating in the labyrinth, venture into the cornfield for Reaper’s Rumble, and more.

Dress to Impress with Etherbound Pauldrons

Etherbound Pauldrons

Pick up these beautiful shoulder armor skins and surround yourself with magic. Complete your look with glove and boot skins, too—the Etherbound Gauntlets and Etherbound Greaves are also back in stock this week!

A Message From Mike O’Brien

In the summer of 2000, Pat, Jeff, Brett, Brandon, Gaile, Josh, and I worked out of the living room of my apartment. We dreamed of mixing role-playing and strategy, of delivering a constant stream of new content into an online world, and of doing it with a friendlier business model than we’d seen before. That first summer we didn’t have much but we had a great team, and built the beginnings of what became Guild Wars® and ArenaNet.