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Game Update Notes: October 29, 2019

10/29/2019—October 29 Release Notes

Build and Equipment Templates

Equipment Templates

  • Players can now make use of Equipment Templates, which enable players to switch between full sets of equipment at the press of a button.
  • Equipment Templates can be found within the Equipment tab of the Hero panel.
  • Each character will start with two Equipment Template tabs. Up to four additional tabs can be purchased in the Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store, giving players the choice to have as many as six tabs.

Build and Equipment Templates Are Live

The new templates feature is now live, offering an easy way to optimize your combat customization. Log in to set up your Build Templates, share your favorite builds with other players, and add your gear to Equipment Templates to free up bag space.

Read today’s update notes on the forums for all the details.

Get Your Free Build Storage Expansion in the Gem Store

Templates Are Live

Read all about the new Templates feature in today’s blog post! Each character has access to three Build Template tabs and two Equipment Template tabs by default, but you can visit the Gem Store to purchase expansions for each.