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Harness the Terrible Power of a Choya Harvesting Tool

Choya Harvesting Tool


There’s nothing choya love more than chaos and destruction, so why not channel those bloodthirsty instincts into something constructive? We taught a choya to tear apart plants instead of wounded travelers, making it a handy gathering buddy. It’s less skilled at matching exercises, so this unlimited harvesting tool comes with a Glyph of the Forester, which grants you a 33% chance to receive bonus wood logs while gathering.

Game Update Notes: May 22, 2018

World Polish

  • Bloodtide Coast: The prisoner in the “Free an Order of Whispers agent from pirates” event now properly appears in his cage.
  • Crystal Desert: Fixed a bug in which hydra heads could appear in midair in areas with varied terrain Heights.

Start a Fire in the Elonian Elementalist Outfit

Elonian Elementalist Outfit


If you think mesmers dominate the Tyrian fashion scene, prepare to be shocked—this earthshaking outfit will keep you feeling cool and looking hot all summer long.