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Dress like a Divine Dervish


Primeval Dervish Outfit and Suntouched Scythe Staff Skin


The dervishes of long-ago Elona drew their power from faith in the gods, but you’ll find their descendants—and their Awakened corpses—in the ranks of Palawa Joko’s Mordant Crescent. Reclaim their former glory with this classic look.

Go Wild with the Beastslayer Glider


Beastslayer Gliderf5497MTX_BeastslayerGlider

The impressive tail on this rugged glider makes it easier than ever to terrify whatever your shadow passes over! For added effect, imitate saurian hunting screams.

Mysterious Etchings Chest and Shifting Sand Mining Pick


We’ve made some quality-of-life changes to unlimited-use gathering tools! Tools with unique appearances now unlock a skin in your wardrobe, and you can swap bonus effects between tools with new upgrade components called glyphs. To learn all about gathering tool skins, glyphs, and bonus gathering effects, check out today’s blog post.

Winged Headpiece and New Super Miniatures


Winged Headpiece


This divine armor skin will add a touch of grace to your ensemble—or give you and your griffon a head start on the next mount-and-rider look-alike competition.