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How Does Your Garden Grow? You Decide with a Black Lion Garden Plot Deed!


Customer Appreciation Package

Log in today to pick up a free Customer Appreciation Package from the Gem Store! This package is available to players who have purchased Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™, or Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, and contains one Black Lion Chest Key and one Black Lion Chest.

Stay Frosty with the Wintersday Appearance Package



Dress like royalty for all of your holiday parties! A soft glow and curling antlers add a touch of mystery.

Happy Wintersday from the Black Lion Trading Company!


Cozy Wintersday Mounts Packf25a5MTX_Mounts2

Protect your fuzzy, scaly, sandy, feathery, and finned friends from winter’s chill with this pack of five extremely fashionable skins. All mittens have been customfitted to allow unrestricted use of claws.

Dance All Over Your Enemies!



First Follower Desmina Outfit

A look as sharp as your ambition, modeled after the wicked fashion sense of Grenth’s first follower, Desmina.