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Complete Your Look with Foefire Greaves!


black-flagI was going to say something about the chill in the air, the days getting shorter, the vague sense of malice emanating from the Grand Piazza…and then I remembered that you’ve been running around the Crystal Desert. I suppose autumn is a lot hotter and drier there, isn’t it?
Well, you’d better come back to the mainland for the holiday, anyway. Not that I care what you do. It’s just good to have somebody around this time of year who knows where to point the business end of a weapon, that’s all.
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Travel Even Faster with the Central Tyria Waypoint Unlock Package!


black-flagI know your giant flopsy bunny is your best friend ever, but show a little decorum and dismount before coming into my facilities, will you? One of my traders is a useless bundle of nerves after coming face-to-face with a springer for the first time. He thought he might be hallucinating, and he kept asking if anyone else had seen a norn-sized rabbit with a face that could stop a clock.

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Beware the Trained Attack Choya!


black-flagWhen I ordered a shipment of Elonian fruit, this isn’t what I meant. I thought it was a cactus until it woke up—and it hasn’t stopped flailing since. It’s constantly grumbling, it can use simple tools, and it’s aggressive. I should ship it off to the Blood Legion.

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New Items in the Gem Store for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire


black-flagHey, you. Whatever thankless task Kiel’s foisted on you, it can wait until after you stock up. And don’t get cocky out there in the desert—nobody can admire your fashion sense while you’re sinking in quicksand.

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