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Be Sleek and Stylish in the Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit!


Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit11af0MTX_InquestOutfit

Show off your curves—cruciform, bicuspid, quadrifolium, or hypocycloid—in this hyperadvanced bodysuit. Available in bigger and taller sizes.

Give Your Mounts a Sinister Sparkle with the Branded Mounts Pack


Branded Mounts Pack


The Branded may be vicious dragon minions, but they sure are pretty. Steal their look with these crystalline mount skins! This pack will unlock five mount skins—one for each of your mounts. Regrettably, Kralkatorrik’s army will still attack you on sight.

March: Daily Sales in the Gem Store


March Sales


Take advantage of a sale every day in March! You can find the following items for sale this week, starting Thursday, March 1:

  • March 1—25% off Soul River Glider and Celestial Rooster Glider
  • March 2—20% off Taimi’s Outfit, Marjory’s Shrouded Outfit, and Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit
  • March 3—15% off Elonian Introductory Package, Path of Fire Survival Package, and Path of Fire Preparation Pack
  • March 4—20% off Braham’s Wolfblood Outfit, Rox’s Pathfinder Outfit, and Verdant Executor Outfit
  • March 5—20% off Rival Skies Package and Shield of the Goddess

Let the Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy Light Your Way


Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy


This adorable canine companion carries a traditional Lunar New Year lantern to brighten your travels.