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Game Update Notes: October 2, 2018

10/02/2018—October 2 Release Notes

Living World

  • New Novelties Category: Tonics
    • Transformation tonics have been added to the Novelties section of the Equipment tab in the Hero panel.
    • Over 80 endless transformation tonics can now be stored in the Novelties section.
    • A new, optional key bind has been added to the Miscellaneous section of the Control Options tab, allowing players to quickly use an equipped tonic.

Game Update Notes: September 18, 2018

09/18/2018—September 18 Release Notes

Living World

A Star to Guide Us

Palawa Joko is gone, and Elona can finally begin to rebuild. But when a leadership summit in Jahai receives an unexpected guest, Elona finds itself at the center of yet another crisis. How will Aurene and her champion cope with the immense task they now face?

New Legendary Scepter: Xiuquatl

A new legendary weapon is now available. Speak to Grandmaster Craftsman Hobbs in Lion’s Arch to learn how to craft the new scepter precursor Tlehco and forge the new legendary scepter Xiuquatl.

New Raid: Mythwright Gambit

Zommoros has invited you to participate in the very first private tour of the Mystic Forge. Witness the incredible inner workings of the djinn’s magical domain, and uncover the dark secret that lurks at its center.

Game Update Notes: August 28, 2018

Game Update Notes: August 28, 2018

08/28/2018—August 28 Release Notes

New Wardrobe Feature: Novelties

Novelties have been added as a new tab in the wardrobe in the Hero panel.

  • Over 50 useable items, from musical instruments to chairs to kites, can now be added to the wardrobe.
  • Novelty items now have a right-click context menu that will add them to the player’s wardrobe, similar to other item types.
  • View the wardrobe in game to see everything that can be unlocked!
  • Novelties come in four types (Chairs, Musical Instruments, Held Items, and Toys), and one of each type can be slotted for use in the wardrobe, just like selecting different mount skins.
  • A new button has been added to the right side of the skill bar. Like the mount button, right-clicking will let the player select their active Novelty type. Left-clicking activates the item.
  • The button itself and each category can all be optionally bound to hotkeys.
  • For more information, see the blog at

Game Update Notes: August 7, 2018

08/07/2018—August 7 Release Notes

Design-a-Weapon Contest

  • The top three winning weapons from the Design-a-Weapon Contest are available to earn in game! Level-80 characters can head to Lion’s Arch to receive instructions on how to complete all three collections!