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You’ll Be in High Spirits with the Halloween Appearance Package


Haunted Armor Outfit


Do you still need a Halloween costume? We’ve got you covered with this creepy outfit. Are you actually the spirit of a fallen soldier, supernaturally animating the broken and battered armor you died in? Quick—join the party while everyone’s distracted.

Game Update Notes: October 30, 2018

10/30/2018—October 30 Release Notes

World Polish

  • Fixed a bug that caused several hero challenge events to remain active while the issuing NPC was not accepting challengers.

Personal Story

  • Tower Down: Fixed a bug in which the marmox could refuse to progress through the cave.
  • Tower Down: Tonn will now move to destroy the towers, even if he’s out of position.

Go for a Midnight Ride on New Mad Realm Mounts


Mad Realm Mounts Pack


This package comes with terrifying skins for your raptor, springer, skimmer, jackal, and griffon. While it’s lovely to include your mounts in the holiday dress-up fun, please remember that the attached wings are for decoration only and won’t give your raptor the power to fly. Trick-or-treat safely!

Game Update Notes: October 16, 2018

10/16/2018—October 16 Release Notes

Living World


Once again, the gates of the Mad Realm have opened, and Kryta’s most infamous monarch, Mad King Thorn, has returned to hold court in Lion’s Arch! Loyal vassals of the king are strongly encouraged to enjoy the festivities: meet the denizens of the Mad Realm in events across Kryta; tour the Mad Realm itself in the Mad King’s Labyrinth and the fearsome Mad King’s Clock Tower; compete with your fellow mortals in Lunatic Inquisition, Reaper’s Rumble, and the Mad King’s Raceway; attend to the king’s whims in his notorious pastime of Mad King Says; or match wits and blades against royalty in Ascent to Madness.