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Rule the Skies on Your Grand Lion!


Grand Lion Griffon Skine55a4MTX_GrandLion1

The ideal flying companion for cat people, this mount skin features graceful feathered wings, a grumbly growl, velvet paws, a majestic mane, and a broad nose (suitable for patting).

Game Release Notes – January 23, 2018

World Polish

  • Fixed a bug in which announcements displayed incorrectly at the end of mount races.


  • Changed the Desert Crafting Material Coffer in the PvP and WvW reward tracks to give players a choice of recipes.

Match Your Mount with Jackal Rune Greaves and Gauntlets


Jackal Rune Greaves and Jackal Rune Gauntlets


Impress the runeforgers with these stylish skins for your gloves and boots! They won’t even leave sand on your furniture, unlike some jackals we know.

Reach New Heights on Your Summit Chevon!


New Springer Mount Skin: Summit Chevon


Although its massive horns may look intimidating, the graceful Summit Chevon will carry you gently up and over the steepest mountain ranges.* You can use this skin to change the appearance of your springer mount across your entire account.