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Watch the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Launch Trailer

Watch the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ is here! Prepare yourself—the battle against Balthazar begins on Friday, September 22.

Largos Fin Backpack Glider Combo is Available in the Gem Store!


black-flagNobody knows much about the largos, and that’s the way they like it. It doesn’t stop people from asking about them, though—especially people under the impression that I know any. Do I look like a charr who does business with assassins? Don’t answer that.

Even if I did happen to have largos clientele, I’m not passing on any love letters to them. Yeah, I’m on to some of you. If you’ve got a death wish, go bother Miyani about it.

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Grenth’s Regalia Outfit is Available in the Gem Store!


black-flagI’m taking a little investment risk. Since it turns out that humans don’t know their gods as well as they thought they did, I figure there’s a fifty percent chance another one will start causing trouble. And that means every local fanatic will want merchandise. I’m not putting all my money on Grenth, but I think it’s a solid prediction. After all, there’s one thing you can always count on to follow war.

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Geomancer Glider and Taimi and Rox’s Packages Now Available!


black-flagSomebody once told me the world would chew me up and spit me out. She never recognized my intelligence—but her condescension and arrogance made a fool of her. I hit the ground running after that, and as the years go by I’m more convinced than ever that I was right to go my own way.
Listen—it doesn’t make sense not to live for yourself. Maybe you’ve honed your common sense, but it can dull your edge if you’re not careful. You’ve got a lot to do, so who cares if you’re navigating the back roads for now? You’ll never reach the top if you don’t start somewhere.

Go do your thing, and make sure they pay you for it. You’ve got to be like a shooting star—shake up the status quo.

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