Beware the Trained Attack Choya!

black-flagWhen I ordered a shipment of Elonian fruit, this isn’t what I meant. I thought it was a cactus until it woke up—and it hasn’t stopped flailing since. It’s constantly grumbling, it can use simple tools, and it’s aggressive. I should ship it off to the Blood Legion.

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5663dChoyaHammerTrained Attack Choya

What? If it wants to fight, it can fight. Here, take it off my hands. Whack your enemies with it. It’ll probably be overjoyed as long as it’s attacking something.



Mini Maraca Choya Pinatadc8b2PinataChoya

You want this, too? One of my employees must have left it on my desk. Very funny. At least it doesn’t have a mouth…that I can see, anyway



6929cSHolosmithPath of Fire Survival Package

How are you holding up? Pick up this useful package and stay as tough and scrappy as a cactus with teeth. You’ll get a Heroic Recovery Container, Makeover Pack, Desert Explorer Kit, 5 Teleport to Friend tokens, and a Black Lion Key Set containing 10 Black Lion Chest Keys and one Golden Black Lion Chest Key.

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