Largos Fin Backpack Glider Combo is Available in the Gem Store!

black-flagNobody knows much about the largos, and that’s the way they like it. It doesn’t stop people from asking about them, though—especially people under the impression that I know any. Do I look like a charr who does business with assassins? Don’t answer that.

Even if I did happen to have largos clientele, I’m not passing on any love letters to them. Yeah, I’m on to some of you. If you’ve got a death wish, go bother Miyani about it.

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e3045catfishLargos Fin Backpack Glider Combo

As far as I know, largos can’t glide—but you can. Just don’t let them see you. Something tells me they wouldn’t consider imitation to be very flattering.



Talk Like a Pirate Day Saleeb7f5Hook_and_PegLeg

How do pirates talk? With their mouths—and most pirates open theirs a little too often, if you ask me. The Pirate Outfit, Pirate Corsair Hat, Pirate Hook, Peg-Leg Boots, and Magnus’s Eye Patch are 30% off today and tomorrow. That ought to shut them up.


Available Now in the Gem Store!

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