Space Out in the Mistlock Sanctuary and Collect the Abaddon Weapon Set!

A few sylvari wandered through here recently, talking aboutblack-flag
cleansing Orr as though the place is a little fixer-upper and
not a slimy, rotting monument to arrogance. Humans used
to have a problem with laying waste to their own
civilizations when the charr legions attacked, didn’t they? If
only some kind of supernatural entity had been willing to
intervene on their behalf.

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a3a0cCosmosVIPMistlock Sanctuary Passkey

Teleport directly to your home away from
home in the chaotic void. You’ll have
convenient access to vendors, crafting
stations, banking, and a portal to the
Fractals of the Mists. Just watch your
step—the gravity’s a little tricky.

Abaddon Weapon Set5ad06AbaddonWeapons

It might be in poor taste to offer these, but if
the human gods are acting up, all bets are
off. Trade Black Lion Claim Tickets to your
local Black Lion Weapons Specialist, and
collect the entire skin-crawling, arguably
blasphemous set.

13fa7BLCWingsBlack Lion Chest Update

I’ve shaken things up in the chests again, so
be sure to take a look inside. You could be
the proud owner of the Feathers of the
Zephyr Package, Advanced Cloth Rack,
Advanced Leather Rack, Dwayna’s
Messenger, and more. You’re also
guaranteed to find a Black Lion Material
Bag* in every chest.

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