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PvP Updates on Guild Chat: A Summary

PvP Updates on Guild Chat: A Summary

On the latest episode of Guild Chat, host Rubi Bayer was joined by some of the developers who worked on the recent Player vs. Player update to discuss the changes–and challenges–that accompanied the release.

Take Home a Fuzzy Aurene Hat and Mini Plush Aurene Today!


I’m not going to stand here and debate the fact that babyblack-flag
dragons aren’t actually fuzzy. Human, asura, and norn cubs
aren’t fuzzy either, but if you ask me, it’d be a considerable
upgrade. I’m the one putting out this merchandise, and I say
the fuzz stays. If you want accuracy, you can go find yourself
a real baby dragon. Good luck with that.

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God-Slayer Bow Pack, Jormag Dye Kit, and Sport Sunglasses Are Available Now!


One of the first things they told us back in the fahrar wasblack-flag
that if we ever saw something trying to pass itself off as a
god, we should aim right between its eyes. Of course, your
average god might have no eyes, or as many as six. My
advice is to fire until you hit something soft. Then just
keep firing.

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Game Update Notes – June 20, 2017

06/20/2017 – June 20th Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug in which player pets, clones, and minions would scale their stats based on the fractal scale.