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Game Update Notes – May 16, 2017

05/16/2017 – May 16th Release Notes
Living World

  • Moved the Koda’s Blessing achievement from the A Crack in the Ice achievement category into the Rare Collections category.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the bonus from Superior Sigils of Bounty to be removed when weapon swapping.
  • Resurrecting at a checkpoint after the end of the final cinematic in the “Heart of the Volcano” instance will no longer revive players in midair.


  • Newly created accounts must wait 72 hours before gems-to-gold transactions can be completed on the currency exchange.

Gaze into a Replica Mirror of Lyssa!


Some of you are still surprised to find me selling productsblack-flag
based on the gods of humanity. Listen: I’m filling an
economic niche. Worshippers of the Six want merchandise,
but aren’t keen to be seen as profiting off their gods. I, on
the other hand, am hardly afraid of offending something I
don’t worship. Win-win.

Evon signature

Dress for Battle with Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings and Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit!


I pride myself on providing you with the latest fashionblack-flag
trends, which means patterning outfits after some of the
world’s most adept defenders. Sure, they’re a little fancy, but
if you can’t fight while covered in feathers, crystals, ten-inch
spikes, flowers, unicorn dreams, or whatever else my fashion
designers come up with…well, maybe you need to improve
your skills.

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Flashpoint is Live



The fifth episode of Living World Season 3, Flashpoint, is now live! You can visit the release page for more details and read the complete release notes on our forums.