Black Lion Chest Update and New Keepsake Weapon Set!

Rumors are flying that one of the human gods has returned,black-flag
which must be like having someone you don’t like, but keep
in diplomatic contact with, show up on your doorstep for a
friendly visit. I’d advise humanity to invest in a few discreet
booby traps…or follow the charr example of how to deal
with so-called gods.

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c061aKeepsake-weaponsKeepsake Weapon Set

Put your enemies on lockdown with this
new weapon set! It’s your key to
looking good.



Mercenary Backpack79004MercenaryBackpack

I’ve always heard that you should dress for
the job you want. If the job you want
requires you to be armed to the teeth, wear
this to your next shady, back-alley
recruitment session.



Black Lion Chest Update

Worry your loved ones by dressing up as a big fan of the war god! Our latest chest update contains a Zaishen War Paint Kit as a guaranteed item that’s packaged alongside Unidentified Dyes, Fire Orchid Blossoms, and boosters to carry you to victory. You also have a chance to find a Sworn Zaishen Helm Skin or the Hounds of Balthazar Mail Carrier. Take a peek at the chest preview to see what other goodies I’ve scared up.

Heads Up

I’ll be giving some of our gliders a break from the store later this week, so be sure to pick up anything you’ve had your eye on.

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Mercenary Backpack: 400Gem