Dress for Battle with Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings and Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit!

I pride myself on providing you with the latest fashionblack-flag
trends, which means patterning outfits after some of the
world’s most adept defenders. Sure, they’re a little fancy, but
if you can’t fight while covered in feathers, crystals, ten-inch
spikes, flowers, unicorn dreams, or whatever else my fashion
designers come up with…well, maybe you need to improve
your skills.

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ba28eKasmeerOutfitKasmeer’s Regal Outfit

Strut your stuff in this classy
number—fetching, alluring, and definitely
not a mesmer illusion.



Destroyer Backpack Glider Combo

On the other end of the fashion spectrum,
add a touch of terror to your look with a
pair of sinister wings. You can even dye the
glider to suit your tastes.

83d1aCosmicReturning Items!

Kasmeer’s Staff Skin is back, along with the
Metallurgic Dye Kit and Cosmic gathering



Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

Kasmeer’s Regal Outfit: 700Gem
Vine-Touched Destroyer Backpack Glider Combo: 700Gem
Kasmeer’s Staff Skin: 600Gem
Metallurgic Dye Kit: 125Gem 5/ 500Gem 25/ 2500Gem
Cosmic Mining Tool: 1000Gem
Cosmic Harvesting Tool: 1000Gem
Cosmic Logging Tool: 1000Gem