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Game Update Notes – April 18, 2017

04/18/2017 – April 18th Release Notes
Living World

  • Fixed an issue with the “Into the Labyrinth” instance that was preventing friendly NPCs from assisting in combat.


  • The Active Guild Member achievement, which can no longer be earned after the retirement of Influence as a guild currency, has been moved from the General ? Community category into the Historical ? Retired Achievements category.
  • Unique text has been created for skill and trait tooltips, specific to their game mode.
  • An option called Disable Player Item Chatter has been added to the Sound Options tab. Enabling this option will disable all chatter voice-over from player items such as the Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack, tron-themed salvaging tools, and tron-themed gathering tools.
  • Ruins of Orr—Karst Plains: Crusader Feintscar now correctly has a female voice.

Enjoy Music from Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns With the Evergreen Philharmonic

Enjoy Music from Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns With the Evergreen Philharmonic

Last week, the Evergreen Philharmonic performed a concert featuring tracks from Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™. If you didn’t get a chance to see them perform live, you can watch a recording of the concert below!

Take off With a Super Holo-Copter Glider Combo!


Holo-tech always makes me a little nervous. It’s not like iron,black-flag
where you can be sure what you’re standing on. And the
Super Adventure Box? Imagine thinking you were in a solid,
three-dimensional space, and then some glitch happens and
you’re stuck inside a mountain—or falling into nothingness,
revealing reality as nothing but a hollow facade, cleverly
designed to fool your senses. Interesting stuff, but I’ll stay
right here in the real world, thank you very much.

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Make Some Super New Friends!


Why do bee dogs adhere to the human monarchicalblack-flag
system? A beehive far more closely resembles the efficient
structure of the High Legions, and “beegionnaire” is a better
pun. Queens and princesses—bah. What’s Moto’s angle?
Bizarre, if you ask me.

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