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Reel In a Mini Floppy Fish Today!


While I’m clearing out these storerooms, I’d just like to letblack-flag
you know that I’ve found seventeen piles of bloodstone
dust, a broken pirate hook, a princess doll who tried to
order me out of “her” crate, a bag full of other bags, and a
litter of black kittens. Fortunately, I’ve found homes for all of
it—apart from the pirate hook.

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Shield of the Goddess Is Now Available in the Gem Store!


I hate to admit it, but some of the best artisans I canblack-flag
commission hail from Divinity’s Reach. Humans love their
spiritual aesthetics, but it seems like looking to Dwayna for
artistic inspiration might be a bad idea after that whole
Malchor incident. Well, whatever—it’s not my circus.

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Raven’s Spirit Glider Has Landed in the Gem Store!


Here at the Black Lion Trading Company, I pride myself onblack-flag
testing each of our new gliders—personally. For example, I
personally volunteered one of my most vocal and forward-
thinking employees to test this week’s arrival, so rest assured
that it’s far more stable than it looks. As for my brave
quality tester, he’s moved past his fear of heights and his
fear of unemployment. Sometimes people just need a little

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Sales in the Gem Store throughout March!


It’s time for a little spring cleaning, and you know what thatblack-flag
means: you get to save big on whatever I feel like putting up
for sale. It could be anything. It depends on which way the
wind is coming off the harbor when I’m eating breakfast. It’s
a leaf, tossing on the storm of my whims.

Check the store every day through March 31, because you
never know what I’ll start knocking gems off the price of. I’m
a wild man like that.

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