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Spring has sprung, and all of that—I can tell by the way myblack-flag
allergies are acting up. For a while there, I thought I might
actually be allergic to sylvari, but it turns out it’s just their
boundless enthusiasm and good-natured naiveté making
me ill.

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d042cFestivalOutfitSpring Promenade Outfit

Greet the spring flowers in this petal-perfect
new outfit. If you’re quiet enough, they
might even accept you as one of their own.



Beastslayer Weapon Set88dd4Beastmaster

Or maybe you’d rather show the natural
world that you mean business. These
weapons are expertly crafted from horns,
scales, teeth, and other beastly bits.


602bcElementalSwordBlack Lion Chest Update

I’ve shaken up the Black Lion Chests again,
so take a peek inside and see what’s new!
You might even find an Elemental Sword—a
curiously contradictory weapon based on
ancient designs. The guaranteed item is a
Dab of Destabilized Ectoplasm, which is less
dangerous than it sounds.

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