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Super Adventure Festival is Here!


Moto still won’t license his technology to me—ahem—butblack-flag
he’s opened up his Super Adventure Box again for all of you
bouncy types. He’s even made what he calls a “page” for it,
so go have a look at his colorful bells and whistles.

Oh, and if you happen to find anything interesting while
you’re hopping through, report back.
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Get a New Spring-Fresh Look from the Gem Store!


Spring has sprung, and all of that—I can tell by the way myblack-flag
allergies are acting up. For a while there, I thought I might
actually be allergic to sylvari, but it turns out it’s just their
boundless enthusiasm and good-natured naiveté making
me ill.

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Game Update Notes – March 28, 2017

03/28/2017 – March 28th Release Notes
Super Adventure Festival Begins March 30

  • Moto’s famous Super Adventure Box opens again with the Super Adventure Festival!
    • Play World 1 and World 2 on Normal, Infantile, or Tribulation Modes.
    • Earn holographic weapon skins from the new Crimson Assassin set by completing festival daily achievements.
    • Seek out hidden furniture shops and collect Fancy Furniture Coins to purchase new decorations for your guild.
  • Festivities will begin on March 30 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC -7) and are scheduled to end April 19 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC -7).

Super Adventure Festival is Coming Soon!



It’s that time of year—dust off your best jumping boots, take up your pointy stick, and get ready to experience Tyria’s most cutting-edge technological edutainment system: Moto’s Super Adventure Box! Explore a whole new virtual world in beautifully-rendered, three-dimensional graphics. Go on an epic quest to save Princess Miya. Prove your strength against wizards, assassins, and giant frogs. And if all of that sounds a little too tame for you, prepare to die (repeatedly) in the punishing Tribulation Mode!